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An art journal can be defined as a visual diary or a visual journal. 'Art Journaling' is often associated with a process that requires no prior drawing or artistic ability. It's all about self-expression. Anything goes.

Art Journaling Magazine. 2018 Jul/Sep/Aug p. 82

There Are No Mistakes,
Just Opportunities For More Texture.

Patricia Swayne

Art Journaling Magazine 2019 Issue


Includes the following.

Regardless of whether or not you have any art training, all you need is some supplies and a willingness to play. It's an easy way to add more creativity to your life or just relax, don't worry about what it looks like.

Choose whatever media you want! Scribble, doodle, stamp, or stencil. Collage, paste things in, or layer over the page with gesso. Most pages go through several stages and are layered via mixed media techniques. If you draw or paint something, use your memory, imagination, or a reference.

  • Make a collage with torn-out images from a magazine
  • Layering gesso or paint over collage
  • Doodle, scribble, or stencil
  • Mono print, Mono types, or printing
  • Stamp or stenciling (you can make your own)
  • Creating lists – i.e., wish lists, grocery lists
  • Focusing on a theme: such as gratitude, a recent trip or vacation, visualization, or the things you love
  • Words quote or write out your feelings (and then cover it with paint if you wish!)
  • Sew fabric, paper, or beads onto journal pages
  • Bookbind and make your own journals by hand
  • Rip out pages or cut windows into pages


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