Printing or Printmaking


1. transfer (a colored design or pattern) to a surface.
2. Mark or indent (the surface of a soft substance).
3. make (a mark or indentation) on a surface or in a soft substance by pressing something onto it.
4. write (text) clearly without joining the letters or handwriting in which the letters are written separately rather than being joined together.

It is the process of creating artwork by printing with ink or paint, typically on paper, fabric, wood, metal, and other surfaces. It is also an art form using a process for reproducing images that involves the transfer of ink from a plate or woodblock to paper, canvas, or other surface that will ultimately hold the work of art.


Printing or a Print is a graphic art form conceived by the artist to be realized as an original work of art rather than a copy of a work in another medium.

Prints are produced by drawing or carving an image onto a hard surface (known as a matrix) such as a wood block, metal plate, or stone. The transfer of ink is affected by

  • the wetting properties of the printing substrate,
  • the surface properties of the materials involved,
  • the properties of the paper,
  • the viscosity of the ink,
  • the printing pressure,
  • the printing speed and
  • the shape of the cells and their filling level.

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