Mixed Media

Mixed Media

1. the use of various media in an entertainment or work of art.
2. quick to respond or react appropriately or sympathetically.

Mixed Media Example

Mixed media art, a visual art, is distinguished from multimedia art, which combines visual art with non-visual elements, such as recorded sound, literature, drama, dance, motion graphics, music, or interactivity. The medium can refer to the type of art (e.g., painting, sculpture, printmaking) and the materials an artwork is made from.

It is a visual art form in which more than one medium or material has been employed. Art Journaling, assemblage, or collage are common forms of mixed media.

Types of Mixed Media

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When creating a painted or photographed work using mixed media, care is taken to allow enough drying time between the layers to ensure the final work will have structural integrity. If many different media are used, choosing a sturdy foundation upon which each layer is imposed is equally essential.

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