Graphic Design Drawing

It is the technique or process used to convey information graphically for signs, logos, or advertising a specific brand. It is the creation of visual compositions to solve problems and communicate ideas through typography, imagery, color, and form.

A Brief History

From antiquity, graphic design emerged as a distinct profession in the 19th century within Western culture and has evolved since. Given the rapid and massive growth in information exchange today, the demand for experienced designers is more significant than ever.

Types of Graphic Design

Includes the following.

Symbolic or Hieroglyphic is a technique or process used to simplify any language or use symbols or graphic language, i.e., Egyptian hieroglyphics.

A Silhouette is a technique or process used to fill in the shape with a flat town or cut out of black paper, commonly in black & white.

Page Layout or Publications arrange elements (content) on a page, such as image placement, text layout, and style. This is also for book or magazine publications. This may include marketing materials or advertising designs, such as postcards or decals.

Topography includes type design, modifying type glyphs, and arranging type. Type glyphs (characters) are created and modified using illustration techniques.

Web or User Interface is involved in interface design in an environment commonly called a Graphical User Interface (GUI). This has included web and software design when end-user interactivity is a design consideration of the layout or interface.

Calligraphy is a type of visual art related to writing. Essential tools for a calligrapher are a pen and brush, which are also used in drawing.

Graphic Symbols or Shapes

Are visual images or designs that serve as a pictorial representation or may give the viewer information when written words are not adequate. Symbols stand for ideas, beliefs, or actions. Logos are emblems or symbols that commercial enterprises, organizations, or individuals commonly use to aid and promote instant public recognition.

Graphic Shapes


They are associated with the natural world or organic shape that may or may not have a name. These free-form shapes have very few straight lines, such as leaves, plants, trees, or animals.

Organic, Free-form, or Natural Silhouettes

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