Classical Drawing

Classical Drawing is technique or process used to create drawings that make things or figures more beautiful than they are.

Classicists believed that the art of ancient Greece and Rome set the standard by which art should be judged. It is characterized by an idealization of nature for the sake of beauty and proportion and a clear and logical expression of their subjects through refined drawing, form and technical methods.

A Brief History

The term classicism is used to describe art that makes reference to ancient Greek or Roman style [1] In the 19th century these picture-making traditions and methods were fundamental to the teaching of the École des Beaux-Arts and the individual ateliers of Paris.

Depicting nature truthfully, however, is dependent upon how an individual perceives, or is taught to perceive, the visible world. There are three basic approaches to such perception: that of the classicist, the realist and the impressionist. [2]


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