In the drawing, almost anything can be used as a blender, including Q-tips, a piece of cloth, a make-up sponge, dense foam, or your finger.



Stumps are perfect tools when you want to smudge and blend drawings made from pencils, charcoals, and pastels and don't want to get your fingers dirty.

Most are made with cotton and can be cleaned by rubbing them on fine-grit sandpaper or with a kneaded eraser. You can purchase these from any art store.



Tortillons, also called "torchons," are made out of tightly wound, soft, gray paper with a  pointed end, spirally wound tightly.

Tortillons blend and smooth smaller areas that may not be blended with your fingers or more extensive tools. You can use them for smoothing or blending detailed work in graphite, pastel, or charcoal.

Make-up Brush

Make-up Brushes

These are the perfect tools to gently smudge and blend drawings made from pencils and charcoals.

You can purchase these from any place that sells make-up.


Cloth or Chamois

A cotton cloth, or a chamois, may be used for blending, a soft and pliable leather cloth.

It is very soft and naturally absorbent, with no abrasive properties that will damage even delicate papers.

It holds water as desired for refining surfaces and wet finishing, yet it will wring almost dry for polishing and buffing.


Any tool may be used to shape thick paint. Color shapers or paint shapers are sold in art supply stores. They have a rubber-tipped end that protects the canvas or surface.


Any other tool can be used as a scraper to remove pigment or marks. Razor blades are great for this. If handled correctly.

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